Friday, August 31, 2007

We say goodbye to august 2007 with this post

September is coming in! If we heard about BER at the end of the month, we think of the coming Christmas time, too early was it? But just to welcome the month of september, so august can say goodbye with this post.

It is been great participating on community, so maybe I will just give you one program that pays me every much by just making your computer work for you while you are connected on the internet.

This program is not in anyway associated to or site. This is only my personal quest to earn money or make money online while at home. Feel free to register or your choice and only if you want, THIS PROGRAM, just want you to note that you need to be considered as active before getting paid. Payment is done via e-gold or paypal or check.

Goodluck and welcome september!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Talk Home Business Blog an alternative approach for information

With previous post we talk about as a community for home business approach. Today we take into a support or alternative of giving update and information and also possible business that we can take a look. One alternative is going into blog platform. Posting information and opportunity through blog like or this blog it self.

The approach on is indeed encouraging for visitors to read more post and subscribe to its feed. There are tips rundown, explanation on post or some email marketing platform like this auto responder post. An advice before jumping in to the market or the adventure on home business is also being delivered by the blog.

This is a very good way of informing members and visitors to either the forum of via blog about home business. Hope they even provide more articles and help to its visitors and members.

Monday, August 27, 2007

On response to the forum

On my previous post, I have mentioned cool categories where you ask for help, advice and tips about having a home business at the community Now we will concentrate on the helpful members on the community you can cling on or you can ping in case you need something or don't understand any portion of the community.

Of course we could not forget the administrator of the community Paul, who diligently answers and maintained the site to be up and running for its members. A hardworking webmaster who interacts to the members at their level of expertise. We then move to the helpful moderators like Fendi and Dactyl, or if any new moderator you can check at the moderator group. These moderators keeps the community clean and giving their utmost support and advice to members of the community. But beware, they will go mad once you spam the community!

We are not only giving a tribute to the administrator and moderators of the community but also to the contributing members who makes the forum active and interesting for every new thread or topic opened and for every recommended solution posted. One of them is Vanessa, who constantly participate and a very active member of the community. Or if you want to talk with me, you can check mann3r on the memberlist. There are other helpful members that is growing fast into the community and participating and also giving their honest opinion on the area. You can check the memberlist to see who are they.

So why not sign-up if you can have members that will help you in terms of home business?

Friday, August 24, 2007

On a deep look at talk home business

On the first post we have discussed a community where you can inquire or discuss a particular problem or scenario on doing a home business, that is the Talk Home Business Forum. Now, I would like check why it is worth it? What makes this community supersede others communities? We look into the each category and some sample post where people or members got interest to join.

First is the warm welcome of members by the time you join the community. It does feel you already at home. Second one and also my favorite part is joining the competition that offer prizes to its contributing members. A great way to compensate members and encouraging visitors to join the community.

Now we go to the real discussion of home business, looking into forum category like Home Business Talk, THB martermind, some consideration you should take or the Home Business Law, and a warning to the members about scams.

If you are afraid to ask there is also a newbie corner where you can share your thoughts without hesitation. A work from Home tools that can help you on your venture on the business. There are quite a lot of discussion thread and tips you can learn for home business.

Joining is simple and being a member is rewarding.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Talk Home Business

Looking for a home business? Or need advice on your home business? Then being at the right place like is a good choice. Members sharing opinions and advice, experiences on the business they have put up in.

Being into the business at home needs at lot of case studies and forum like help much in a decision making and case studies. What needs to be done, the ups and downs on having a home business and other failures or problem that can be avoided by participating and voicing out opinions on the issue and the possible resolution can easily be implemented.

Scams and rip offs can also be limited or avoided thus the risk of loosing your hard earned money will be slim. The key on having a home business that can help you grow is being inclined on some business oriented community, keen observer on the industry and research. In this way, the risk will be low but profit can be high